Rain-fed Agriculture Systems

Increasing crop productivity and reducing the risk of rain fed rice based cropping system was at the crux of project objectives as envisaged for CRS supported 4 year IRRAS Project starting from January, 2012 in selected villages of Sitamarhi. IRRAS is termed as ‘Improved Rice Based Rain fed Agriculture Systems. The project strategy is to link existing actors in adaptive research and knowledge exchange network and support them through:

  • Linkage platforms
  • Technical inputs
  • Mobilization and executi of demonstration plots
  • Forums to develop packages of tested and adapted best bet agronomic technologies
  • Collaboratively created, trialed, and refined training materials
  • Information and communication mechanisms for collection and sharing of information.

GDS, during the rainy season organized demonstration of Swarna Sub-1 in 12 villages and Sambha Mansoori in 8 villages through using DSR by ZT in 2 submergence hit area. Varietal change was made by introducing PL-8 variety of lentil and HD 2967/K9351 in 15 villages through using zero-tillage for line sowing over 20 plots. Use of super bag was demonstrated with 100 farmers for safe storage of grains and seeds.