Livelihoods through Water

GDS entered into an agreement with Jamshetji Tata Trust Mumbai for the implementation of the three and half year duration project starting from September 2011 to February, 2015, further extended up to September, 2015. The project design has the commitment to raise resources from community as well as other stakeholders to meet the objectives of the project.

During the year 2015, field bunding was started to improve the declining soil health in this rocky and sloping land. 206.59 hectares could be covered for field bunding by 204 farmers. Digging of one such well was done to provide irrigation to 26 acres cultivable land of 13 farmers. Drip and sprinkling irrigation was initiated to promote water saving by providing 40 sets of sprinklers on 30% cost contribution by the beneficiaries. All the above activities were carried out with the active support of watershed committees organized in the project villages. Suitable crop varieties were demonstrated under Dry Land Farming practices promotion and are being adopted by farmers.